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Experience Matters, We Work For You !!

Most residential home inspections are performed for our home buyer clients in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We provide pre-listing and other inspection services including Visual- Verbal Consultations. Residential property inspections are often for a single-family home or property. We have also provided inspection services on many mobile homes, condominiums-townhouses, multi-family units etc. Homefront includes at no additional cost a termite-pest inspection with report on the NPMA 33 (known as a FHA/VA Form) with each Full Home Inspection which satisfies all lender programs. Many other inspectors do not include this document without added fees.

Homefront values and strives to provide thorough inspections by an experienced and fully licensed and insured Home Inspector. Residential Home Inspections are of readily and safely accessible and visible structural and mechanical components of the property. There are 1,000’s of items evaluated and reported within your report including the interior and exterior with the Inspectors findings properly documented in your personal Custom Home Inspection Report. This Custom, easy to follow Home Inspection Report will be available to access as needed, as often as needed well into the future. Your Home Inspection report can easily be accessed anytime online whether from your desktop computer, tablet, phone etc. Your Custom Inspection Report can be easily printed in full or individual pages. The documentation of the Inspectors findings within the report and on site is always important and sometimes critical during the home buying process, especially if the unexpected is discovered.  We are often told by our clients and by many              Real Estate Professionals that this is where Homefront separates from the other inspectors.

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Inspection costs vary on many different factors including the size and scope of services. Homefront understands inspection fees are costly, as is business operating expenses.                  Our prices will be competitive.

Additional Residential Home Inspection services and options for additional fees:

  • Radon in air testing and or radon in water testing. 
  • Many Lab Analysis water quality testing options- Our most common is a Basic profile- minimum scope of 17 items, other options are available such as VOC’s, Pesticides, Arsenic etc.           Discuss the options with your inspector to determine what is right for you.
  • Basic well flow testing (well operation functional flow test and determine if a full professional evaluation or repair is needed). This test is not a full well recovery specialist test which are more costly to perform.
  • Basic septic flow testing (septic system functional flow test and determine if a full professional evaluation or repair is needed) This is not a septic specialist test, pumping service or video scope service which is more costly.
  • Lead Paint Testing or Certification