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About Homefront

Homefront Building Inspections, Inc.   a.k.a. Homefront was established and incorporated in RI in January 1998 by our Founder and President Rocco Elgar right after completing training and Certification from The Inspection Experts Training Institute in Boca Raton, Florida. Establishing Homefront Inspections represented a new venture for Mr. Elgar and his young family. Through hard work and dedication to customer service and personal touch along with his own reminders that each client is relying on him to be their advocate and home educator rolled into one.

Rocco has endured many different market changes and continues to evolve accordingly and is pleased to have many followers that directly trust him with referrals of their friends, families and personal clients- Referral business is Homefront’s business life blood and treats each client with the intention of earning future referrals. Rocco Elgar continues to truly enjoy the success his hard work has provided. With over 25 years Mr. Elgar has experienced many scenario’s that remind him how valuable a service Homefront provides.

Rocco Elgar has always been the point of contact and involved with all aspects of the business operations. Mr. Elgar is looking forward to growing Homefront so long as the same level of personal service, attention to detail and the right amount of personality is maintained. It is understood that the client is paying a lot of money for the service and is relying on an experienced, thorough inspection with honest feedback and documentation.                                       We are not a franchise, we are a local small business and we work for you !

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Experience Matters, We Work For You !!


Rocco Elgar, President.
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